Easter Approaches

When I was growing up, I was involved in a large, full scale production of the Easter story. Every year, the church would build a set, cast the parts, and spend months fleshing out the gospel account of Jesus’ final days. I lived for the play. We all did. Rehearsals took over our lives, choir practice became a weekly occurrence; we ate, slept, and breathed this play. 

Over my 12 or so years in the play I played multiple characters, some speaking and some not. I retold the stories of some of the major players in those final weeks of Jesus’ ministry. Nothing touched me more than seeing Jesus perform miracles in a large crowd scene at the beginning of the play. The sheer amazement and joy on those characters faces when they were healed of their afflictions. 

This man, who rode into town on a mere donkey, joined by this ragtag group of men, had given them life again. They could walk, talk or see because Jesus touched them.  It brings tears to my eyes to remember those characters and how they must have felt. Renewed. Rejoicing. 

As the Lenten season gives way to Holy Week and Easter, we relive Jesus’ triumphant entrance into the city. We join the praises and wave our palms for the Most High. The joy is palpable as Jesus, the long awaited Messiah, enters the city. 

Don’t forget the same Jesus, the one who rode a small donkey into Jerusalem, is still alive. He still heals and provides. He chose this path for us. As Easter draws nearer, don’t forget that it’s all for you.  The cross, the grave, the Resurrection. 


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