Walking with Him

Holy Week. This week is the center of our Christian faith. It tells the story of God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, walking towards death and taking on the sin of the entire world. He dies, but conquers death and shatters the gap between God and man. We can be made whole again through our acceptance of Jesus Christ. How amazing, how sacred and holy!

The week begins with Palm Sunday as we join the crowd in Jerusalem waving palms as Christ enters on a donkey. We shift towards the story of the Passion where Christ becomes the ultimate sacrifice. The week ends with Easter Sunday, where we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and conquering of death. Easter is the culmination of the entire week, but without first walking with Him during Holy Week, Easter cannot hold as much meaning to you personally. Sure, you can come to Easter Sunday without going to any of the services during Holy Week and still have a wonderful connection and worship. However, you will have missed growing deeper with Christ as you walked each step with Him during Holy Week.

Each service during Holy Week helps you walk with Him toward that cross where He took your sin and died. He wants you to walk the path with Him, to grow deeper in your understanding and to grow closer to Him. If you have only gone to Easter Sunday in the past, go to the Maundy Thursday and/or Good Friday services this year. If you haven’t ever been to Easter Vigil before, add it into your walk during Holy Week. Each service you add to the week will help you grow deeper in your walk with Christ. And, if you have gone to all of the services during Holy Week in the past, then add a new aspect to one of those services, like spending more time in prayer, meditating more on the text of the anthem, or pausing longer before you leave. Adding to your Holy Week will help you grow deeper with Christ, and He wants you to take that path with Him. May you have a blessed Holy Week.


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