Resurrection - To See in a New Way

     Jesus died a brutal death.  Can you begin to imagine what state his friends and family were in?  They had been through so much together.   They had learned so much from him.  They had been good friends but they were human.   They had also doubted him, lost patience with him and at the same time been transformed by him.  Toward the end, it was so hard to stay present with Jesus as he agonized over where his life was leading him.  They even denied him and betrayed him while also loving him deeply.
     Of course you can imagine – any of us with a few years in this world have walked a similar path.  We have loved in the best way that we could love and we have lost and been thrown into the turbulent waters of grief.  How do we go on?  There is this huge hole in our lives and it is hard to move without falling in.  We, like the friends of Jesus are living in transition.  We still love our loved one but don’t know how to do so in this world where their absence screams of their presence.
     The Apostle Paul said that Jesus appeared to over 500 people after his death.  The appearances were all different, taking them a while to recognize him.  You see they, like us have preconceived ideas of what Jesus should look like and what this whole idea of resurrection really is.  To see with the eyes of faith, our culturally conditioned mindsets must be shattered.
     As they walked towards the village of Emmaus, Jesus’ followers were absorbed in conversation about the horrific events of the past few days.   Not only had their friend been executed without cause, his body was now gone from the tomb.  They moved along the path slowly, carrying much grief.  Then a stranger came who began to share wisdom from scripture.   They were obviously drawn to him so they asked him to stay and eat with them at the Inn.  I imagine conversation began to flow as supper was served.  At the moment this stranger gave thanks for the bread and broke it, their eyes were opened.  This was the resurrected Christ – in this stranger.  He then disappeared!  He came not as they had expected, yet they knew.
     We are always in this cycle of death and resurrection.  Death is clear to see but resurrection takes an inner dying on our part.  Put away all ideas of how this must look.  Be mindful, walk slowly, listen and watch.  I promise that as you begin to see in this new way, you will not be disappointed.  Resurrection is real.
     I would love to hear your resurrection stories if you would be willing to share.  The Lord is Risen Indeed – ALLELUIA!


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