Ordinary or Holy

This past Sunday I explored the Holy Communion with the children, their parents, grandparents, Miss Linda and Kate. We walked through the two parts of the Holy Eucharist; the Word of God and the Holy Communion.  It was fun to see how it all came about, but the most energy hovered around the Holy Communion.  This part of the service takes us where words and ideas alone cannot take us.  We move close to a knowing that is key to this whole gift of life.  One child said their favorite part of the story was when the priest says a prayer to make the ordinary bread and wine holy and then a prayer to make her holy so she can receive this holy bread and wine.  We wondered if that was what church was all about - maybe we learn to see everything with God's eyes.  Just maybe everything that we look at as ordinary is really holy!  WOW!  What an insight from the youngest in our congregation.  I believe that I have read those same words from the mystics.

These holy young ones in our midst help our all too often jaded adult eyes to see how God sees.  Every week children and adults go into the depths of life together through story, song, play and the Holy Eucharist.  I am blessed and taken deeper into the mystery of life every time that I am with them.

This next week we are blessed to have experts from Ministry Architects with us to explore our ministries with children and youth.  I hope that you have signed up for a listening group.  Your voice is so important for the continued vision for our life together.  We especially invite you to the pizza party on Sunday afternoon, March 6th from 4-5:30.  At this party, we will discover the findings from the listening sessions as we look to the direction of the future.  Our children and youth are counting on YOU!

Sign up at bit.ly/1oxqCc5 or at the Welcome Center.


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