Quiet Observation

Sometimes God’s greatest gifts are revealed through quiet observation.

On Friday, October 9th, Christ Church hosted the annual fall festival dinner.  My wife was out of town visiting our daughter at college. My son was busy being a 17-year-old and did not need me. And the organizers of the event were having a terrible time finding wait staff for the dinner, given Keeneland, the Breeder’s Cup and all of the many fall festivities taking place in town. So, I decide the best use of my time and talents was to supplement the professional wait staff and also to help chef extraordinaire Mary Thom in the kitchen.

So with our wonderful professional wait staff, Rob, Christi and Juanita, I helped serve water and tea, helped people arrange their food at their tables, and even helped serve the Roast Beast (aka beef tenderloin). About an hour into the evening, there was a lull for the wait staff, so I was just leaning by the kitchen door, taking in the festivities. Beautifully decorated tables that the hosts and hostesses had designed with great thought and with the desire to entertain their table guests. The room was abuzz with talk and laughter.  People moving from one table to another to greet old friends and new acquaintances and admire the table decorations and costumes of the guests.  A perfect evening with the perfect people of Christ Church. I began to see how lucky I was, how lucky all of us are, that we simply enjoy coming together with each other in the company of God’s love at Christ Church.

This would have been enough for me.  But at almost the same time, and each separately, Rob, Christi and Juanita came up to me to ask me questions about Christ Church and to provide their thoughts.  Is this really a church? Do you always have this much fun together? How often do you do this? My church isn’t like this. These people really enjoy each other. This is an amazing event – did these people really pick their own theme and decorate their own tables?  My eyes welled up with tears and my chest puffed up with pride as I listened. What a unique opportunity I was provided to hear the reflections of three total strangers to Christ Church, three individuals employed to serve the members of Christ Church. Unsolicited, unedited, honest, raw.

So, when you take a few minutes to think about your many blessings, be sure to include the blessing of being part of the Christ Church family.

Thanks be to God.

Marc Mathews


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