Life in the Fast Lane

          Sitting in traffic on my way to visit a hospitalized parishioner yesterday, I heard the Eagles' song Life in the Fast Lane blaring from the car alongside mine. I sat there, alone in my car, singing along with the song. I later thought about the complexities of my brain, a brain that usually cannot remember all the items on my grocery list (usually left sitting on the kitchen counter), but can recall the lyrics from a song released in 1976.

          Last night, I again thought about the song. Our culture certainly lives life in the fast lane. -It seems technology brings about changes on a nearly daily basis. Our lifestyles often encourage us to hustle and bustle around, leaving us little time for ourselves or one another. Are we running to something, running  away from something, or dashing about because that's what our culture tells us we should  be doing?

          I have heard so much chatter about some of the decisions released by the US Supreme Court over the past week. People either seem to love the Affordable Health Care Act, or despise it. Folks are either in favor of the Death Penalty or vigorously oppose it. People are either celebrating over the right for gays and lesbians to marry or are loathe to accept it. I don't believe I have ever before been witness to such opposing opinions on so many topics at one time.

          I am simply not a fan of life in the fast lane. Oh, perhaps I was at one time. But now, the lure of my quiet sunroom and back yard where the chirping of birds, the babbling language of a 14 month old and the quiet snuffling sounds of sleeping dogs lure me on an almost daily basis. My prayer book sits beside my favorite chair, the place where I sit for Morning Prayer and Compline. Without a doubt, I prefer living in God's lane, rather than the fast lane for in God's lane, only the best is desired for each of us- those able to afford good health insurance, those who cannot afford health insurance, those who follow and to to keep the Commandments and those who do not, those who are wed to a partner of the same sex and those whose love of their lives happens to be someone of the same sex. I indeed find my greatest peace and joy comes when I am in God's lane.




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