What is your parable?

In my sermon Sunday, I observed that Jesus points us in the direction of God’s mystery in the parables he tells. The parables ask us to open our imaginations because the mystery of God is as close as our breath and as far away as the stars. And yet because we are a part of that mystery, we can have difficulty seeing it. When we encounter the mystery of God, our imaginations are fired, our hearts are quickened, and the windows to our souls are opened so that life-giving spirit blows in to refresh and renew. On Sunday I invited everyone to practice the mystery of God this summer and to start by writing your own parable about that mystery and emailing it to me.

Christ Church Cathedral member Dan McGrath wrote this parable:

“A man was leaning on his fork, in the midst of turning over the soil in the garden
In the fall, preparing it for the following spring’s planting
He looked up and saw an immense flock of migrating blackbirds
They covered the sky from one horizon to the other
The man had a feeling that he was utterly insignificant,
Part of an immense whole, but at the same time safely comforted
Realizing that even death was not to be feared
He returned to his heavy work uplifted and inspired
Knowing he was loved and ready to extend that love to others
Such is the Kingdom of God”

Where do you encounter the mystery of God? What is your parable?

The Reverend Brent Owens 


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