A New Years Resolve

It’s almost here, 2015 is literally right around the corner. Meaning most of us (if we haven't already) are thinking about how to leave behind the mistakes of 2014 and grasp the possibilities of 2015. So, what is it about this particular day that makes many of us feel as though we should have high aspirations and lofty goals for the new year. Many people make new years resolutions year after year, such as: eat better, exercise more, budget smarter, drink less, be present. But, (according to Forbes Magazine) less than 40% of resolutions are actually carried out. With so many books, Apps, and electronic tools on the market to help us keep our resolutions, why aren't success rates higher? 

I believe this is due to the fact that most of us aren't ready or prepared to carry out our desired resolutions. We become so tied to a date (January 1) that too often we allow the cart to go before the horse. Furthermore, we may not have taken the time to truly examine ourselves, our needs, and our abilities to carry out our resolutions. And, too often we look to others and to society to tell us how we need to improve (often without even realizing it). We don’t look inward (or “upward”) to see where we are really being called to grow and change. 

I can remember many times where I have made resolutions that never made it past January 2. In fact, the only resolution I have ever actually succeeded to follow through on was one I made much after January 1. In the spring of 2011, feeling discontent and disconnected, I resolved to begin exercising. It began slowly, I would run a few times a week. Then I began practicing yoga. Each activity I added on slowly, until I was training for a 10k and working out with regular consistency. By the fall I was running, practicing yoga, lifting weights, and cycling. I can relate much of my success with this resolution to my own determination and desire, the support of my loving husband and family, and the gentle spirit I tried to maintain with myself as I continued on my journey towards feeling better and more whole.

Making resolutions is a good way to leave behind bad habits and look towards wholeness and true fulfillment in our lives. But, these resolutions must be for us, not for anyone else. And, they must be driven by the knowledge that we can make positive changes in our lives, that we are capable of reaching our goals. A positive attitude, clear plan, good support, and greater desire can lead us towards making changes that allow us to live into the full and whole beings God created us to be. God desires for us to be wholly fulfilled persons, who experience joy, peace, and love every day. As we look towards the new year let our desires and plans be led by the knowledge of God’s love and hope for us as we are created in the Imago Dei (Image of God). Let us resolve to keep the knowledge of God’s love for us close to our hearts, and have God’s desire for us to return to wholeness as our guide.


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