A Summer of Growth: God's Unexpected Discipline

I had so many plans for the summer. Plans of learning new music, practicing a lot to get ahead for the next year, and start preparing for England, but the hand injury completely changed that. As an organist, I had to stop my life, my job, and really do nothing. What could I do? I couldn't play, and I could barely use the hand to do normal every day stuff. It made life difficult, boring, and worthless. It made me feel useless, even with helping out around the Cathedral as much as I could. I told myself I wasn't going to let it bog me down, but it was still troublesome. As I listened and watched Schuyler and Erich play around me for almost three weeks, it was so rough, irritating, and sad. But, in the end, God had some things to teach me, and I learned things about life this summer instead of new music. 

My life was pretty much crazy, running around doing everything, working non-stop. Making time for God was not at the top of my list. Once I injured my hand, I was forced to step back. I had to lean on God, trust that He was going to heal me. Stepping back also forced me to look and observe at what was going on around me. I saw God in Schuyler helping out; the Cathedral, friends, and family praying; and Erich and Kathleen mentoring. I realized how much God was using me and how my life was an offering to others. 

Growing is a part of life, and sometimes we have to experience the roughness to know the other side. He disciplines us, never to hurt us, but that we may know Him better. We all have offerings to make whether in music, art, history, science, philosophy, mechanics, comedy, or christian education. God uses each one of us.  

I remember telling a co-worker at Talbot's at the beginning of my hand injury that this injury happened because God wanted to teach me something. What I had no idea. But, now with fall slowly starting to creep in and as I look back over the summer, I realize that He was teaching me things all summer as long as I took the time to stop and look at what was going on around me. 

One of my favorite verses is Psalm 96:1, "Sing to the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord all the earth." An old music professor once told me that every time you play, sing, and make music it has to be new. It can't just be the same thing every time; try looking at it differently each time. That is what this verse means. Make it new each time. After this summer, I now play a new song to the Lord. He will always be the only One I play for. 

SOLI DEO GLORIA - To God be the Glory


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