“Ah: There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.”  Jane Austin - Emma

Upon turning the key to the back door and cracking it open, I feel as though a door to a different
room within is also cracking open. Muscles loosen their grip on bone, allowing oxygen to flow freely throughout my body.  As Jane Austen said, “my soul celebrates with an Ah! I am home!”  A small fire takes the chill off the cool spring evening.  Things of comfort surround me: pictures of loved ones, my great grandmother's rocking chair, familiar books that have been absorbed or are waiting to be absorbed.  I light a candle while enjoying a cup of tea, and spend a moment to reflect on my day.  When Bernie gets home, we rummage around through the cabinets and refrigerator to decide what to eat.  At the table, we enjoy a meal and each other's company. Sanctuary has been found in this sacred place and we are free to be ourselves.  This space gives us the room to discover the more of who we are.

One of the most common themes in dreamwork is the house. There was a period in my life when my house dreams changed constantly.  During this time I frantically searched for my true self - my soul.  My spiritual director surely at times grew weary from yet another house dream.  
To find true home within, one must have a home or safe dwelling in which to let down one’s guard in order to safely search.  The searching will take you to your connection with the world.  My wholeness is dependent on yours.  There are no rugged individuals.  Even as I sit in the sanctuary of home, I see the connections all around.  There are my ancestors, my offspring and spouse.  There are those who work to bring food to my table, fuel to my car and home and mail to the door.  Not to mention the animals, and plants that sustain us and the land on which they live.  You get the picture – this game could continue forever.  I need all of you and you need me. 

As Christians we have a life-long journey in search of true home. We do this in community, helping one another along the way. Part of this calling is to provide housing for those who are without. One out of every fifty children in the United States is homeless. We can only imagine how many people this really means. Without a physical dwelling in which to make home, it is nearly impossible to find that home within, where God lives and moves and has being. We are gifted with an opportunity to build a home with a family.   This family has not had a home since theirs was taken by war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Please join your community as we answer this call.  You can be involved in many ways. Call the church (254-4497) with any and all questions concerning this endeavor.  There are opportunities for fellowship and fun for all ages as well as the actual build and raising of funds.  The construction of this Habitat home is a spiritual practice that will bring us closer to our true home within while giving this family a dwelling in which to make  home.


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