In January, the Cathedral’s music ministry had the honor and joy of hosting the 50th Anniversary Weekend celebrating the founding of the Men and Boys Choir and the subsequent founding of the Cathedral Girls Choir. All of us at the Cathedral worked diligently to ensure that each of our returning choir alumni and our current choristers had an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. For many, this would be the first time they had sung at Christ Church since they graduated from school or experienced voice change!

We welcomed many of our former choirmasters including the choir’s founder Robert Quade. Robert Quade, Robert Burton, Walden Moore, Robert and Nancy Ludwig and Schuyler Robinson joined me in conducting the Cathedral Choirs, playing the organ and conducting the mass choir of over 100 voices for Evensong on Sunday. All of this went amazingly well. Singers and former directors reunited, new friendships from several generations were forged and glorious sounds came out of the choir stalls during each of the rehearsals and services.  

There was one particular moment when I realized what an incredible legacy of music we have at the Cathedral. During Evensong, I witnessed our 80+ year old founder listening intently to one of our youngest 7 year old girls singing Charles Stanford’s Psalm 150. As they were standing next to each other he had tears in his eyes. I would only add that several of us who witnessed this moment did as well.

As I took in all that happened during the 50th weekend and all that it meant to so many, it reminded me again what happens when you join imagination, effort, teamwork, love for each other and this Holy place. The strength of our various ministries is unique, yet linked together by the Holy Spirit. May our Lord continue to give us the passion and vision to take part in this diverse tapestry of ministry and service.


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