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Parents of Little Ones

When David and I moved back to Lexington after being away for almost six years, we were in a much different place in our lives than when we had departed. We had finished school, we had careers, and we were beginning to build a family and set roots back in our hometown. Upon returning to Christ Church Cathedral, we noticed that the church had evolved with lots of new members and new offerings.We almost felt like new members ourselves and we wanted to find a way to meet more people. We began envisioning a group that would allow churchgoers in a similar stage in life as ourselves to get to know one another and become a community. With the help of Kate Byrd and Hilary Jarvis, we formed the group, POLO (Parents of Little Ones), two years ago and we are very excited to see how it has blossomed.

POLO meets once a month at different locations (downtown restaurants, different homes, or outdoor spots when the weather is nice). Childcare is provided at the set location or at the church nursery.…

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