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Practice makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect. We all have heard this phrase one time or another.The definition of “practice” is to perform an activity or a skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency. As a musician, I spend hours practicing my instrument. I do this to become better at my art, to be more confident in a certain piece that I am playing, and to strive for excellence every single time I play the organ. However, with all of that practice, my art will never be perfect because I am human. So what does the phrase “practice makes perfect” actually mean since we can never be perfect? 
In the definition of the word “practice”, it says to perform something repeatedly or regularly. The word that pops in my head when I hear that is consistency. Sometimes we want things to change or we want to grow in a certain area, but if we don’t work on something regularly or consistently, we won’t ever reach the “perfect” part of practice. We often try to do something …

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